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About Us

About us: We are Ossie and Ilona and we're from the Netherlands. Since 2014 we run MLP Merch, the number 1 blog for all MLP Merchandise-related news. Since 2016 we also started with MH Merch. Ilona is quite a fan of these dolls as she already got a few. Her favourite characters are Abbey and Cleo. Ossie hasn't decided yet.

What We Do

We are MH Merch and our mission is to archive everything related to Monster High merchandise. We started in 2016 and plan to keep on going :). We started this website to provide all collectors with a great place to get information and images of all Monster High merch there is.
We also provide an option to start your own checklist and wishlist of the merch on our site, so you can keep track of what you have or want!
Our website is mobile friendly, so you can see our complete database on the go, or take a look at your checklist while hunting for new merch!