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Monster High Minis by Type

On this page you'll find an overview of all Monster High Minis by type. You can click on the first image or link to see all items, or select any of the types to filter.
All MH Mini Figures
(236 figures)

Series 1

MH Original Ghouls I Mini Figures
Original Ghouls I
(18 figures)
MH Circus Ghouls Mini Figures
Circus Ghouls
(6 figures)
MH Power Ghouls I Mini Figures
Power Ghouls I
(6 figures)
MH Getting Ghostly Mini Figures
Getting Ghostly
(6 figures)
MH Beach Ghouls Mini Figures
Beach Ghouls
(6 figures)
MH Rag Doll Ghouls Mini Figures
Rag Doll Ghouls
(6 figures)
MH Sleepover Ghouls Mini Figures
Sleepover Ghouls
(6 figures)
MH Candy Ghouls I Mini Figures
Candy Ghouls I
(6 figures)
MH Pattern Ghouls Mini Figures
Pattern Ghouls
(6 figures)
MH Space Monsters Mini Figures
Space Monsters
(6 figures)
MH Halloween Ghouls Mini Figures
Halloween Ghouls
(6 figures)
MH Playsets Mini Figures
(1 figure)
MH Releases I Mini Figures
Releases I
(8 figures)

Series 2

MH Power Ghouls II Mini Figures
Power Ghouls II
(2 figures)
MH Candy Ghouls II Mini Figures
Candy Ghouls II
(4 figures)
MH Gem Ghouls Mini Figures
Gem Ghouls
(2 figures)
MH Fruit Ghouls Mini Figures
Fruit Ghouls
(10 figures)
MH Mermaid Ghouls Mini Figures
Mermaid Ghouls
(10 figures)
MH Releases II Mini Figures
Releases II
(9 figures)

Series 3

MH Metallic Ghouls Mini Figures
Metallic Ghouls
(5 figures)
MH Emoji Ghouls Mini Figures
Emoji Ghouls
(3 figures)
MH Garden Ghouls Mini Figures
Garden Ghouls
(4 figures)
MH Glitter Ghouls Mini Figures
Glitter Ghouls
(3 figures)


MH Ghoul and Pet Mini Figures
Ghoul and Pet
(10 figures)
MH Releases Other Mini Figures
Releases Other
(5 figures)