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Monster High Dolls by Series

On this page you'll find an overview of all Monster High Dolls by series. You can click on the first image or link to see all items, or select any of the series to filter.
All MH Dolls
(743 dolls)

Monster High

MH Basic Dolls
(8 dolls)
MH Gloom Beach Dolls
Gloom Beach
(13 dolls)
MH School's Out Dolls
School's Out
(8 dolls)
MH Dead Tired Dolls
Dead Tired
(14 dolls)
MH Killer Style Dolls
Killer Style
(4 dolls)
MH Classroom Dolls
(10 dolls)
MH Campus Stroll Dolls
Campus Stroll
(7 dolls)
MH Skull Shores Dolls
Skull Shores
(11 dolls)
MH Sweet 1600 Dolls
Sweet 1600
(9 dolls)
MH Ghouls Rule Dolls
Ghouls Rule
(5 dolls)
MH Dance Class Dolls
Dance Class
(9 dolls)
MH Picture Day Dolls
Picture Day
(7 dolls)
MH Power Ghouls Dolls
Power Ghouls
(4 dolls)
MH Make a Splash Dolls
Make a Splash
(9 dolls)
MH 13 Wishes Dolls
13 Wishes
(10 dolls)
MH I Heart Shoes Dolls
I Heart Shoes
(2 dolls)
MH Art Class Dolls
Art Class
(4 dolls)
MH Ghoul Spirit Dolls
Ghoul Spirit
(4 dolls)
MH Sweet Screams Dolls
Sweet Screams
(4 dolls)
MH Coffin Bean Dolls
Coffin Bean
(6 dolls)
MH Zombie Shake Dolls
Zombie Shake
(4 dolls)
MH Creepateria Dolls
(5 dolls)
MH Ghoul Sports Dolls
Ghoul Sports
(3 dolls)
MH Freaky Fusion Dolls
Freaky Fusion
(17 dolls)
MH Mansters Dolls
(2 dolls)
MH Ghoul Chat Dolls
Ghoul Chat
(2 dolls)
MH Geek Shriek Dolls
Geek Shriek
(6 dolls)
MH Haunted Dolls
(9 dolls)
MH Wheel Love Dolls
Wheel Love
(2 dolls)
MH Freak Du Chic Dolls
Freak Du Chic
(8 dolls)
MH Ghoul Fair Dolls
Ghoul Fair
(4 dolls)
MH Scarnival Dolls
(3 dolls)
MH Budget Basic Dolls
Budget Basic
(4 dolls)
MH Fright-Mares Dolls
(12 dolls)
MH G1 Playsets Dolls
G1 Playsets
(25 dolls)
MH Social Spots Dolls
Social Spots
(2 dolls)
MH Inner Monster Dolls
Inner Monster
(7 dolls)
MH Monster Maker Dolls
Monster Maker
(2 dolls)
MH Secret Creepers Dolls
Secret Creepers
(13 dolls)
MH Electrocuties Dolls
(3 dolls)
MH Monster Cross Dolls
Monster Cross
(4 dolls)

Monster High G2

MH How do you Boo Dolls
How do you Boo
(22 dolls)
MH Ice Scream Dolls
Ice Scream
(4 dolls)
MH Emoji Dolls
(4 dolls)
MH Music Class Dolls
Music Class
(2 dolls)
MH Lots of Looks Dolls
Lots of Looks
(2 dolls)
MH Party Hair Dolls
Party Hair
(1 doll)
MH Party Ghouls Dolls
Party Ghouls
(3 dolls)
MH Electrified Dolls
(8 dolls)
MH Teen Hangout Dolls
Teen Hangout
(2 dolls)
MH Garden Ghouls Dolls
Garden Ghouls
(7 dolls)
MH Monster Family Dolls
Monster Family
(24 dolls)
MH School Spirit Dolls
School Spirit
(3 dolls)
MH Popart Ghouls Dolls
Popart Ghouls
(4 dolls)
MH G2 Playsets Dolls
G2 Playsets
(2 dolls)
MH G2 Fashion Pack Dolls
G2 Fashion Pack
(17 dolls)