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On this page you'll find an overview of all different Monster High Doll Sets. You can click on the set images or any of the links under the images to see more release of that set.
MH 2-pack Dolls
(58 dolls)
MH Wave 1 Dolls
Wave 1
(35 dolls)
MH Wave 2 Dolls
Wave 2
(36 dolls)
MH 3-pack Dolls
(21 dolls)
MH Re-Release Dolls
(15 dolls)
MH 5-pack Dolls
(25 dolls)
MH Wave 3 Dolls
Wave 3
(8 dolls)
MH Deluxe Dolls Dolls
Deluxe Dolls
(5 dolls)
MH Budget Dolls Dolls
Budget Dolls
(5 dolls)
MH Playset Dolls
(9 dolls)
MH 4-pack Dolls
(8 dolls)
MH Party Lounge Dolls
Party Lounge
(1 doll)
MH Hauntlywood Dolls
(5 dolls)
MH Black Carpet Dolls
Black Carpet
(4 dolls)
MH Hybrids Dolls
(3 dolls)
MH Save Frankie! Dolls
Save Frankie!
(3 dolls)
MH 6-pack Dolls
(6 dolls)
MH City Schemes Dolls
City Schemes
(2 dolls)
MH Frightseers Dolls
(3 dolls)
MH City Ghouls Dolls
City Ghouls
(3 dolls)
MH Noir Dolls
(2 dolls)
MH 17 Inch Doll Dolls
17 Inch Doll
(3 dolls)
MH Hissters Dolls
(1 doll)
MH SDCC 2010 Dolls
SDCC 2010
(1 doll)
MH SDCC 2011 Dolls
SDCC 2011
(1 doll)
MH SDCC 2012 Dolls
SDCC 2012
(2 dolls)
MH SDCC 2013 Dolls
SDCC 2013
(1 doll)
MH SDCC 2014 Dolls
SDCC 2014
(2 dolls)
MH SDCC 2015 Dolls
SDCC 2015
(2 dolls)
MH SDCC 2016 Dolls
SDCC 2016
(3 dolls)
MH Wave 4 Dolls
Wave 4
(2 dolls)
MH School Clubs Dolls
School Clubs
(4 dolls)
MH Room to Howl Dolls
Room to Howl
(1 doll)
MH Powder Room Dolls
Powder Room
(1 doll)
MH Scooter Dolls
(1 doll)
MH Roadster Dolls
(1 doll)
MH Die-Ner Dolls
(3 dolls)
MH Starter Pack Dolls
Starter Pack
(11 dolls)
MH Add-on Pack Dolls
Add-on Pack
(11 dolls)
MH Deluxe Pack Dolls
Deluxe Pack
(2 dolls)
MH Torso Pack Dolls
Torso Pack
(1 doll)
MH Pets Wave 1 Dolls
Pets Wave 1
(3 dolls)
MH Pets Wave 2 Dolls
Pets Wave 2
(2 dolls)
MH Budget Basic Dolls
Budget Basic
(4 dolls)
MH Ghoul-to-Bat Dolls
(1 doll)
MH Surf-to-Turf Dolls
(1 doll)
MH Wave 1 Extra Dolls
Wave 1 Extra
(2 dolls)
MH Singing Doll Dolls
Singing Doll
(1 doll)
MH Shriek Mates Dolls
Shriek Mates
(3 dolls)
MH High Voltage Dolls
High Voltage
(1 doll)
MH Winged Ghouls Dolls
Winged Ghouls
(3 dolls)
MH Family Pack Dolls
Family Pack
(5 dolls)
MH Bunk Bed Dolls
Bunk Bed
(3 dolls)
MH Deluxe Bus Dolls
Deluxe Bus
(1 doll)
MH Dress Pack Dolls
Dress Pack
(1 doll)
MH Complete Look Dolls
Complete Look
(8 dolls)