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On this page you'll find an overview of all different Monster High Other Figure Names. You can click on the name images or any of the links under the images to see more release of that name.
MH Abbey Bominable Figures
Abbey Bominable
(10 figures)
MH Catrine DeMew Figures
Catrine DeMew
(1 figure)
MH Catty Noir Figures
Catty Noir
(2 figures)
MH Clawd Wolf Figures
Clawd Wolf
(1 figure)
MH Clawdeen Wolf Figures
Clawdeen Wolf
(13 figures)
MH Clawdia Wolf Figures
Clawdia Wolf
(1 figure)
MH Cleo de Nile Figures
Cleo de Nile
(7 figures)
MH Count Fabulous Figures
Count Fabulous
(1 figure)
MH Crescent Figures
(1 figure)
MH Deuce Gorgon Figures
Deuce Gorgon
(1 figure)
MH Draculaura Figures
(17 figures)
MH Elissabat Figures
(1 figure)
MH Frankie Stein Figures
Frankie Stein
(19 figures)
MH Ghoulia Yelps Figures
Ghoulia Yelps
(2 figures)
MH Gigi Grant Figures
Gigi Grant
(1 figure)
MH Green Ghoul Figures
Green Ghoul
(1 figure)
MH Green Head Figures
Green Head
(1 figure)
MH Heath Burns Figures
Heath Burns
(1 figure)
MH Hissette Figures
(1 figure)
MH Holt Hyde Figures
Holt Hyde
(1 figure)
MH Honey Swamp Figures
Honey Swamp
(1 figure)
MH Howleen Wolf Figures
Howleen Wolf
(1 figure)
MH Invisi Billy Figures
Invisi Billy
(1 figure)
MH Iris Clops Figures
Iris Clops
(1 figure)
MH Jackson Jekyll Figures
Jackson Jekyll
(1 figure)
MH Jane Boolittle Figures
Jane Boolittle
(1 figure)
MH Jinafire Long Figures
Jinafire Long
(1 figure)
MH Lagoona Blue Figures
Lagoona Blue
(8 figures)
MH Lorna McNessie Figures
Lorna McNessie
(1 figure)
MH Marisol Coxi Figures
Marisol Coxi
(1 figure)
MH Nefera de Nile Figures
Nefera de Nile
(1 figure)
MH Neptuna Figures
(1 figure)
MH Operetta Figures
(2 figures)
MH Pink Ghoul Figures
Pink Ghoul
(1 figure)
MH Pink Head Figures
Pink Head
(1 figure)
MH Purple Ghoul Figures
Purple Ghoul
(1 figure)
MH Purple Head Figures
Purple Head
(1 figure)
MH Robecca Steam Figures
Robecca Steam
(1 figure)
MH Rochelle Goyle Figures
Rochelle Goyle
(1 figure)
MH Scarah Screams Figures
Scarah Screams
(1 figure)
MH Shiver Figures
(1 figure)
MH Silver Head Figures
Silver Head
(1 figure)
MH Sir Hoots A Lot Figures
Sir Hoots A Lot
(1 figure)
MH Toralei Stripe Figures
Toralei Stripe
(1 figure)
MH Twyla Figures
(1 figure)
MH Venus McFlytrap Figures
Venus McFlytrap
(2 figures)
MH Viperine Gorgon Figures
Viperine Gorgon
(1 figure)
MH Watzit Figures
(1 figure)
MH White Head Figures
White Head
(2 figures)
MH Wydowna Spider Figures
Wydowna Spider
(1 figure)